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Chamomilla 125 Tabs

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Chamomilla 125 Tabs


Chamomilla can be helpful during teething; irritability and restlessness; colic; diarrhoea associated with teething; intolerance to pain


Contains chamomilla recutita 30c homeopathic potency on 100g lactose/sucrose tablets.


30C is selected when the condition is very active (acute) and/or when there is an emotional element to the condition, such as occasional sleeplessness. 30C remedies should be taken as a short course only, unless prescribed by a practitioner.

ADULTS and CHILDREN: 1 or 2 tablets to be dissolved on the tongue. Unless otherwise directed; for acute conditions, 1 dose 2 hourly for up to 6 doses. Thereafter and where less acute, 1 dose 3 times a day between meals for no more than one month. When relief is obtained, reduce the dosage frequency or discontinue. If symptoms worsen or persist for more than 7 days please consult your doctor.