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Clary Sage Oil 10ml

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Clary Sage Oil 10ml

Botanical Name:

Salvia Sclarea Linnaeus


Alps-Maritimes region of France


The essential oil is steam-distilled from the flowering tops and leaves.


Clary Sage is one of the most powerful relaxants known in Aromatherapy. It is a warming oil.


A pale yellow to green coloured liquid, it takes approximately 800 kg of the aerial plant to distil 1 kg of essential oil. Although Russia is now the largest volume producer in the world, it rates a poor third from a quality point of view behind French and the South Carolina produced American oil. Because of its competitive price, you will find a lot of Russian oil used in aromatherapy but the odour is quite crude and constituents are different.

Research has also shown that the essential oil of Clary Sage is subject to a change in constituents if stored over a period in excess of 3-4 years. The linalool content decreases rapidly, and the linalyl acetate content increases dramatically. We therefore recommend that you replace your Clary Sage stock if more than two years old.